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The WebbIE is a web browser for blind people using screen readers to read the Internet .


Zac Browser Gold: Browser for children with autism

Download Zac Browser Gold

Zac Browser Gold takes less than 5 minutes to install. If you need any assistance to install or configure Zac Browser Gold on your device, please visit our support forum by clicking this link:

Step 1: Download and Install Adobe Air Player


Step 2: Download and Install Zac Browser Gold for PC and Mac



Please don’t hesitate to share Zac with your friends, schools or specialized centers. You may also stop by our forum and share your experience with Zac Browser. It’s always great to read your feedbacks.

Zac Browser for iPad and Android will be available Soon. Stay tuned via Facebook

Enjoy Zac Browser Gold!



SpeakIt! reads the selected text using Text-to-Speech technology with automatic language detection. Can read the text in over 50 languages ​​.


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Transducer online text to voice